All about my crush on React.js

Our match-maker: JavaScript

The feeling didn’t just come from nowhere, of course. We were introduced by JavaScript. Actually, if you want to be ready to build a relationship with React, you’d better be familiar and comfortable with the following topics:

  • Array Methods (map, filter, reduce).
  • Object Methods (Object.keys, values, entries).
  • JS ES6 Features: ES6 Modules, Let and Const, Arrow Functions, Classes, template literals, spread Operator and Rest Parameters, Destructuring.
  • Handling Asynchronous Code (Callbacks, Promises).
  • Asynchronously sending and receiving data (fetch or axios).

And then, he appeared: all covered in components

But what even is React.js?

Here we can see an example of a Header component with its cute little data imported from React and exported to the App.💓

Tell me more, tell me more: was it love at first sight?

How was I not going to fall for him? I mean:

  • React.js is component based
  • React.js is extensive
  • React.js is fast
  • React.js is easy to learn

1. It’s simple

React uses a special syntax called JSX which allows me to mix good ‘ol HTML with JavaScript. That’s why when you first look at it, it feels like looking to an old friend, but with a twist.

2. It’s easy to learn

Anyone, and I mean anyone (even I, who couldn’t really even use HTML properly, 3 months ago) can understand React. You just need to have a basic previous knowledge in programming.

3. Sexy evil twin: Native approach

I can also use React to create mobile applications *jumps up and down with joy*. In this version he is called React Native and it’s both amazing and terrifying. React Native allows you to use and abuse reusability and to build extensive code supported by IOS, Android and Web applications! Yipee! So, what’s the bad news about this guy? We’ll get to that in a second.

4. It’s easy to test

It’s so super easy to test! React views can be treated as functions of the state. This means that we can manipulate the state and take a look at the output and triggered actions, events, functions, etc. There’s a lot of magic you can do from the console.

But suddenly, he looks all different. In love with React Native or “the bad guy”

Just like when Sandy, the good girl shows up all dressed-up as a bad rock n’ roll chick to earn the love of her high-school bad guy, I had to “shape-up” too to be able to keep-up with this bad boy’s flow. React native really got me to work.

You are the JavaScript library that I want, you are the one honey, uh uh uh!

Will we live happily ever after?

I can’t tell you for sure yet, as it usually happens with this kind of things, but hey! We already gave life to several projects together and we have some plans for the future.



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Estefanía Quevedo Lusby

Estefanía Quevedo Lusby


Hails from Argentina, based in Denmark. Former Spanish teacher and translator. Self-published fiction writer. Now learning how to code. Huge fan of empanadas.