• Therese Hagelin

    Therese Hagelin

    Project manager and frontend developer student who is interested in tech in general and medtech in particular.

  • Healthnut


    Health is the best investment.

  • Mariano Ramon

    Mariano Ramon

  • Thiguet Nirvana

    Thiguet Nirvana

  • Andrew Wooldridge

    Andrew Wooldridge

    Build web apps. Indie game and RPG fan. Dad and husband. Storyteller and game designer. I ♥ Javascript. eBay FrontEnd.

  • Daniela Zacarias

    Daniela Zacarias

    Mexican based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Making my way into web-development and persuing the digital nomad life.

  • Sara Carlstein

    Sara Carlstein

  • Stephan Miller

    Stephan Miller

    Software engineer and writer: https://www.stephanmiller.com/

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